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welcome to Year 5

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Year 5 Staff

Owls Otters

Teacher: Mrs Newton

Teacher: Mrs Hughes

Support Staff: 

Support Staff: Mrs Denney

Linked HLTA: Mrs Broughton / Ms Piddington

Phase Leader: Mrs Talley

Key Information

PE days: Tuesday and Wednesday

Library days: Wednesday 

Celebration assembly: Friday

Class assembly: Wednesday 

Welcome to Year 5

This half term, our history focus will be:

Crime and Punishment 

We will be learning about crime and punishments through the ages. We will explore how punishments have changed over time and we will be comparing modern methods of crime prevention and detection with what existed in the past.

 Core Curriculum


This half term we will be learning about multiplication, division and fractions 

Your child should continue to practise their times tables; times table knowledge and fluency underpins the majority of the maths taught in year 5, therefore precision and accuracy is key.   Please encourage them to continue to build their speed and fluency with all number facts by ensuring they spend at least 15-20 minutes every other day on TT Rockstars. The children will also be set weekly my maths homework that relates to the children's learning.

For the full National Curriculum for Year 5 maths please click here.



Street Child

Our main text driver for this half term is Street Child by Berlie Doherty.

The story of an orphaned boy in Victorian London and his fight for survival.  The story is based on the boy whose plight inspired Dr Barnardo to found his famous children’s homes.

We will use the text to write persuasive letters and a narrative. 

This text is also supporting our guided reading. 



 For the full National Curriculum for Year 5 English please click here.


As a school we are continuing to use a phonics scheme called Bug Club Phonics. This is an online/app-based scheme that allows the class teacher to allocate the appropriate book band to each child individually. The children can the read their way through the selection of fiction and non-fiction texts, answering comprehension questions along the way. Please don't hesitate to ask us any questions regarding this scheme.

To access your child's Bug Club account, please follow this link. The children's usernames are the first 4 letters of their first name and the first 4 letters of their surname. The password is either otters2021 or owls2021 depending on your child's class (no capital letters). 

 The children's book band has been decided upon according to their L'explore reading age, this a new piece of incredibly accurate AI technology that we have started using in replacement of the previous assessment method.


Your child will be given a sheet which has the spellings for their group for the whole half term, so that you can support them at home. We ask that you encourage the children to spend at least 5-10 minutes practising their spellings every evening, ready for the spellings quiz on Friday mornings.

Our spellings for this half term will be handed to your child at the end of week 1 and will begin in week 2 of this half term. 


The children will be allocated two books at a time from our school library - one will be kept at school each day and the second is to be a 'home reading book'. Both books can be changed during our library slot - tbc. If your child finishes the school book ahead of our library day then they will have the opportunity to choose a book from our classroom book box.

We encourage the children to spend at least 20-30 minutes reading every day; this can be independent reading or reading to a sibling, parent, carer or family member. Please ensure you are asking your child about the book they are reading to encourage a deepened understanding and the ability to recommend and/or critique.


Longitudinal Study

This half term we will begin our longitudinal study on the school pond. Throughout the Autumn term we will be making observations of the school pond. Over the year we will identify changes and similarities, using observations of the area and the wildlife that lives there. 



This half term the children will be given a project on designers and inventors to complete. The project suggests a selection of tasks and activities to support and enhance their curriculum learning. The children will also be encouraged to practise their TTRS, spellings and their daily reading. Homework needs to be returned by Friday 10th December and will be celebrated in class with dojos. 

Additional Guidance

For more information about the Year 5 curriculum please visit: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/425601/PRIMARY_national_curriculum.pdf