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 Lions     Tigers

Teachers: Miss Diver 

Teaching Assistant: Ms Piddington   

Teachers: Ms Jones (M-W),  Mrs Mackie (Th/F)

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Robbins




Autumn 1


    Welcome to the Autumn Term!

We hope you have all had a lovely summer break and are raring to go! We are looking forward to welcoming you all back and getting you know you and your families and having an engaging and fun year ahead. 


Key Information



We will post all relevant information for Year 3 pupils on this page, however, if your child is not in school due to isolation/quarantine, please see our Year 3 Remote Learning Page. We will only be populating this page if we are made aware of any Year 3 children who are self-isolating.

P.E DaysTuesday (indoor) and Friday (outdoor).  Children wear P.E kit to school on these days

Mile run - three times a week on the days the children are not doing P.E. Wear or bring in trainers on

                 these days.

Library day - Friday (children can take out 2 books - one to remain in school and one for home)

Spot/home reading books - children can change these as soon as they have completed the book.  Please try and listen to your child read at least 3 times a week as this will have a huge impact on the progress they make. Discussing the book will also help them to develop their understanding of the text they are reading.

Spellings - a hard copy is given to the children on Wednesdays. Spelling tests take place the following Tuesday. Any support you can provide in helping your child learn their spellings is greatly appreciated. We will also update their spellings on this page.

Spellings - Week Beginning 22.11.21



Mrs Piddington/Mrs Robbins


Ms Jones/Miss Diver

Group B

Ms Jones/Miss Diver 

Group C

 Split diagraph

o - e (long 'o' sound)

u - e (long 'oo' sound)

 Focus - adding prefix 'un'

              to the root

              word = the opposite

 Focus - adding prefix 'un'

              to the root

              word = the opposite


happy - unhappy

happy - unhappy


tidy - untidy

tidy - untidy


lucky - unlucky

lucky - unlucky


usual - unusual

usual - unusual


zip - unzip

zip - unzip



tie - untie



 fair - unfair



 kind - unkind





























Our first text driver for this half term is, 'How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth' by Michelle Robinson and Kate Hindley.

Our outcome for this will be instructional writing. 


Our second text driver for the second part of this half term is 'Stone Age Boy' by Satoshi Kitmura.

Our outcome for this is to write a descriptive story using the skills we have learnt: high- level adjectives, adverbial phrases and inverted commas for direct speech.

Maths and TTRs



At the beginning of this half term, Year 3 will be focusing on 'Place Value' followed by 'Addition and Subtraction'. To help you have a better understanding of the Year 3 maths program, click here for the White Rose Maths home-learning videos. These videos reflect the objectives we cover in Year 3 as well as the methods we use to teach them.

In addition, we ask that you encourage your child to spend time each week on 'TT Rockstars' to ensure they improve their knowledge of the times tables and the speed in which they are able to recall them. 'Topmarks' is another free program which also helps in the learning of the times tables and many children enjoy using this program.

For the full National Curriculum for Year 3 please click here.

Foundation Subjects



In the foundation subjects this half term, we will be covering the following:-

Science      -     Light  

                         By the end of this topic all children should be able to:-   

                          Identify light sources.

                          Understand that we need light to see.

                          Know that light travels in a straight line.

                          Identify reflective surfaces.

                          Know that the Sun can damage their eyes.

                          Know how to protect their eyes from the Sun.

                          Understand that a shadow is formed when a solid  

                         object blocks the light.                                                      

Computing -    Programming - Scratch

                         The children will be decomposing the 'Magic Carpet' game before programming

                         their own game based on the 'Magic Carpet'.

History       -     Neolithic to Iron Age Changes  

P.E               -    Dance - Starry Skies (indoors) and fundamentals of invasion games (outdoors)

R.E              -     Hannukah - Symbols 

Art/ DT        -     Cave paintings, Stonehenge water colour wash, stone age clay necklaces, Neolithic clay pots.

Spanish       -   This will be incorporated throughout the day and in a weekly lesson with a focus on    

                          numbers and pleasantries

PSHE          -     Heartsmart - Don't hold onto what's wrong

                           The main message within this topic is 'forgiveness'.