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To view photos of the exciting activities we have been up to this year please go to Gallery - Year 2 2019-2020

We will be updating our Year 2 page every half-term with all our exciting news and updates as well as regular curriculum information and our half-termly topics.




Class Teachers: Miss Hannah Sullivan (Puffins) and Miss Lucy George (Penguins)

Teaching Assistants: ) Mrs Jo Twigger (Puffins) and Mrs Louise Robbins (Penguins)

1:1 Support Staff: Miss Zoe Rough

We will also be welcoming a number of students this year as they begin the exciting journey of becoming Primary School teachers.


Our topic for the first half-term will be Pirates! We have an exciting Pirate workshop planned for Monday 30th September - more information will follow shortly. We will spend the first week re-capping all the new skills that the children learnt in year 1 and then will focus on different sentence types (questions, exclamations, statements and commands), expanded noun phrases, commas in a list, possessive apostrophes and word types/grammar groups (adjectives, nouns, verbs and adverbs).

In year 2 we support and encourage the children to adopt a more independent style of writing - they are taught a new skill, introduced to the key language and are then given the opportunity to demonstrate these newly learnt skills in 'sustained writes'. Our literacy texts this first half-term will be:

See the source image    143719

For more information on the year 2 English curriculum please visit



This first half-term we will be securing the children's knowledge on place value, addition and subtraction. We will be using concrete (practical equipment such as dienes, numicon and multi-link), pictorial (being able to represent numbers in tens and ones) and abstract (mental maths) methods to explore and expand the children's understanding of the number system.

For more information on the year 2 Maths curriculum please visit



We will be setting Home Learning Tasks which the children will be bringing home on week 2 - these are by no means compulsory and we do not expect the children to complete every task, unless they would like to. We set these tasks to create and encourage dialogue between home and school - please see your class teacher if you any questions or queries regarding these tasks.

Spellings will be sent every Friday. These weekly spelling sheets are for the children to keep at home in preparation for the spelling tests on Friday mornings. We encourage the children to write/draw their home learning tasks in their books and keep their spelling sheets at home.

Please make sure your child brings their reading book into school every day and that they are reading regularly at home. We are a team of budding literacy fans and will ensure that the children have plenty of opportunities to explore varied texts, by the bucket load! They will have a chance to change their reading book every day but will be encouraged to revisit their book several times before they change it, in order to ensure that have grasped the story/purpose of the book, the rich language and also discuss what they loved and disliked about the text.

The children will be given the opportunity to visit our school library on a Friday afternoon, during this time they will be able to select one free-reading book of their choice. We will be listening to the children read regularly in class and will listen to them on a one-to-one basis in order to determine when they are ready to move up to a new colour band.

Our PE days will be on a Monday and Thursday, please ensure that your child has a full PE kit in school every day as there may be occasions when our PE slot may need to be changed at short notice. Girls will need to have long hair tied back and earrings must be removed or covered with tape for PE.

If you have any questions please pop in and see us in the morning or after school or arrange a meeting through the office.

Miss Sullivan and Miss George.