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Year 6 Online Learning

Click on the slideshow to see some fantastic examples of our Home Learning!

We have really enjoyed seeing some of the work you have emailed us or posted to Seesaw. It is lovely to see you all adapting the tasks to suit your own tastes and talents. Please keep sharing your fantastic ideas with us; we love hearing from you! Remember that the items you upload to Seesaw will only be seen by the teachers unless you give us permission to share it (and we will always ask your permission first.)

Learning Activities Week Beginning 18/05/20


Last week (for Science) you were asked to find out about the different plants and animals that live in a variety of habitats. This week we would like you to find out more about one of those habitats and the animals and plants that live there in order to create a non-chronological report.


Pick a habitat from the  following list:

Amazon rainforest, Great Barrier Reef, Patagonia, Galapagos Islands, British Woodland or one of your own choice.

Do some research about that habitat and note down some general facts. These will be used to create an introduction later in the week so make sure the facts you find will ‘set the scene’ for the rest of your report.


Choose one of the groups from the following list (Make sure it is one that you are interested in):

Mammals, amphibians, arachnids, echinoderms, molluscs, birds, reptiles, insects, annelids, crustaceans, flowering plants and non-flowering plants.

Can you find at least 3 different organisms that belong to the group you have chosen that live in the habitat you selected yesterday?

E.g. Amazon Rainforest – Mammals:

1) Jaguar

2) Ocelot

3) Capybara

You might want to list all of the animals first then select your top 3 to research.

Begin to find out some facts about each of the animals you selected yesterday. Make sure you record notes in your own words rather than copying chunks of text from books/the internet.

You might want to use the following headings to guide your research: diet, life cycle, adaptations, and general facts. Think back to the reports we wrote about Whales during the Spring term to help you.

Continue researching the animals you selected on Tuesday. Remember that the more information you gather, the easier it will be to select relevant and interesting facts when you draft your report. It might be helpful to organise your notes as you record them. We used spider diagrams in class to help us do this but you could also colour code the facts with the headings they best fit too.


Use the facts you have found this week to create a detailed non-chronological report. This could be done as a Word/Publisher document, a PowerPoint or an Adobe Spark presentation.

You must include all of the following features: A clear title, an introductory paragraph about your chosen habitat, at least 3 sections (one for each of the 3 different animals you chose), each section should include at least 2 or 3 paragraphs of information about that animal.

 Extension Task: Choose one of the animals you have researched this week (or a different one if you prefer.) and create a Kahoot quiz all about it.

Spellings - Choose the most appropriate list
























Login to 'My Maths' and complete the work set. This week we are revising Year 5 work on statistics. Spend 10 minutes on TTRockstars practising your times tables.


Last half term we looked at texture and tone while sketching. Create a pencil sketch of one of the animals you have researched this week.

Zoom quiz - Join our weekly zoom quiz this Wednesday 20th May at 11am. Login to the Year 6 Kahoot account (login details on seesaw) and create your own quiz :O) We look forward to playing the quizzes with you!

We will send out invite codes on Tuesday to Parentmail and Seesaw. You will need the zoom app and if possible a device with the kahoot app downloaded or access to the internet to join the quiz. 

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Our webpage will be updated every week with activities for the following week. The suggestions for work above are not compulsory and will not be formally assessed or marked. However please send us any work you have worked hard on as we would love to see it.




The Year 6 Team