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General Information

For the foreseeable future, we will update our webpage every week with activities and will be active on Seesaw daily. The suggestions for work below are not compulsory and will not be formally assessed or marked. However, we are excited to see anything you have created so we will be using Seesaw predominately for communication. On this app/webpage, we will be able to view children’s work/images etc. and can comment on what they have produced. This will also be a platform for children to share what they are getting up to outside of the learning. We look forward to hearing from you. All login information has been sent out electronically and physically through a letter now. If you are still unsure of these, please do not hesitate to contact Miss Swainson or Miss Watson.

Daily Mathematics

  • Login to TT Rockstars and spend 15 minutes playing. Please can you focus on the sound check feature as this links closely with the Year 4 multiplication assessment. There will be ‘Battles of the Bands’ taking place so please keep an eye out.

  • Please log onto MyMaths and complete the different tasks set for two days. When you have logged in, it will show any work that I have set on that main screen with an option to revisit lesson, if children are uncertain. This week it is all about geometry; looking at coordinates on four quadrants and translations.

  • If this isn't enough, children will have the option to click on 'games' or 'practice' on MyMaths. This will allow them more time to revise content they are not so confident with, consolidate and therefore deepen their understanding of topics previously taught this year. Please note, that within 'practice' you can change to 'booster', which will allow further challenge. I will be able to track children's progress as they complete activities.

  • On Tuesday, go onto Maths Frame to play 'Coordinates Alien Attack'. The aim of the game is to shoot the rockets by stating the coordinate that it is located. You could also have a go at creating your own four quadrant in your garden or kitchen using tape, Post it Notes and objects to create 2D shapes. Make sure your write the coordinate that the vertices are located. If you are struggling, use this to help.
  • On Thursday, complete the 'Transformation Tease' problem. If you need some inspiration, click on the "Getting Started" or "Solution" button  (top left corner).

  • Every Friday complete the BBC Bitesize challenge, which can be found here.

  • There are further challenging puzzles and games on NRICH.

Daily Writing

Next week you are going to be writing your own story about looking after your own dragon. With this in mind, please complete this planning document throughout this week. If you do not have access to a printer, you may wish to create your own Performa or just use Microsoft Word to fill in the spaces. You could draw the characters and setting separately. You could use your original ideas that you had when we started this at school. Alternatively, you might decide to completely change it, which is also okay.


Complete the descriptions for the main characters in your stories (dragon, human, friends, parents, etc). You need to complete each of the following sections for a minimum of two characters:

  • Physical description – appearance, clothes, hair, eyes, build
  • Personality – what makes them happy/angry? General description
  • Background – parents, where the character lives, age, hobbies and interests


Complete the descriptions for the settings (home, school, park, etc.). Make sure you include why it is relevant to the story (they take dragons into school and they cause havoc), prepositions and adjectives to describe the setting.


Now complete the plot. It might be easier to start off with the problem and continue from there. Remember that the events needs to be coherent (flow) so you do not want to rush this. Make sure you include lots of vocabulary that can be used as you write the story next week.


Today you need to make sure you have up-levelled the vocabulary using a thesaurus. This will make it a lot easier to focus on your writing next week. Go back through your plan and see if you can change some of your boring word choices to something more exciting. Jot down the meaning, if you think you might forget. by next week. 


For today’s lesson, we are going to be looking at using paragraphs correctly on BBC Bitesize. This will further your understanding of the purpose of paragraphs and how to use them correctly to support your story telling.

There are three activities for this lesson. The first one is a worksheet that can be printed off or you can create your own Performa to complete this. The others, you can complete on your own piece of paper or type up. Make sure you follow the steps through carefully.


Daily Reading

  • Login to ‘ReadTheory’ and spend 20 minutes completing the online comprehension. We can track your daily progress. Please be advised that the first time you log onto this, there will be an online generated assessment to ensure the work set is appropriate to the children’s level. Please do not be daunted by this as initially it can be quite tricky.

  • Read a chapter of a book a day with adults asking questions about what you have read. Access the document called ‘guided reading comprehension questions’ within the guided reading folder on Seesaw for further information.


If you're Mrs Street's or Mrs Montague's groups, you will be sent yours separately. Feel free to challenge yourselves with the spellings below!


















Monday: We will be working on refreshing your memory of saying different types of food in French. First watch this clip. Use this to create your own video stating that "I am hungry, I would like...". For example, this might include you saying "J’ai faim, je voudrais une pomme." and then going to your fruit bowl to get one. Use your imagination.

Tuesday: Go onto the Association for Physical Education website and choose a skill that you personally would like to work on. Watch and take part in the video. For example, I might feel I need to work on throwing for accuracy, so I would take part in 'Lesson 3'. Remember if you are finding it too hard or easy follow their recommendations of how to adapt the activity.

Wednesday: Take part in BBC Bitesize lesson on vertebrates and invertebrates. Watch the videos and the complete the first two activities. Both of them are interactive so can be done on a computer or tablet.

Thursday: Take part in the 'Spider Safari' investigation activities. If you are truly scared of spiders and do not think you will cope with the activities, adapt to investigate another invertebrate in different locations.

You could also have a go at creating your own wormery. Follow this guide. Please make sure you are being very careful when handling them. Are worms vertebrates or invertebrates?

Friday: Complete the 'Painting, Collage and Printmaking' lesson on BBC Bitesize. Watch the videos and then decide whether you would like to have a go at painting, collage, or printmaking. Create a work of art about a place you have never been to. You could link this to our science topic; it could be a habitat of an exotic animal e.g. jungle.

We look really forward to seeing your results. If you have any further questions about anything, please do not hesitate to drop us a message on Seesaw or email.

Have fun!

Extra Websites for Online Learning - click on the pictures below to follow the links.

NRICH - For a Maths' challenge, you can complete some fun puzzles and games.

MyMaths Games - Make sure you open on GoogleChrome and 'enable' AdobeFlash.

BBC Bitesize - Play games, watch videos or take part in activities of interest.

PurpleMash - Try a variety of different activities of interest.








Keep Fit with Joe Wicks - See other videos for alternative, longer workouts.

Complete PE lessons at home - Short two-minute videos are being posted to show free, fun and easy PE activities for the whole family to enjoy together.