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Year 3 - Online learning 

Autumn 1 2021


Weekly Timetable

Monday Maths English & Spellings Science
Tuesday  Maths English & Spellings P.S.H.E/Spanish
Wednesday Maths English & Spellings Music/Computing
Thursday Maths English & Spellings History/Art
Friday Maths English & Spellings RE










AutumnTerm 2 Week Beginning 28.11.21


Oliver And The Seawigs               


 Monday and Tuesday


Over the next two lessons we will be editing our letters and writing them up in neat. letter_template.doc

Please post yours to Seesaw when you have completed it!


 Further Activities: 


Reading Comprehension 

 Oliver and the Seawigs reading comprehension-


Activity1- /docs/L2_retrieve_and_infer.docx

Activity 2-/docs/L3_explain.docx

Activity 3- /docs/L4_predict.docx








 Please ask your child which adult did their spelling test and give the matching spellings. If you are unsure, please email us. Spelling tests take place on Tuesday and new spellings are issued on Wednesdays. Please see web page for spellings.












Please follow the link to explore Oxford Owl. It includes a range of coloured spot books that match those that children read in school. If your child is a free reader, please encourage them to continue choosing books to read from home.


Ms Jones' maths

Currently follow Miss Diver's Maths outlined below.




















Miss Diver's Maths- Multiplication and Division

Monday: Multiply by 3 (pictorial)
Activity (page 2): /docs/Year-3-Autumn-Block-3-Step-2-VF-Multiply-by-3.pdf

Tuesday: Multiply by 3
Activity (page 2)/docs/Step-2-HW-EXT-Multiply-by-3.pdf

Wednesday: Divide by 3 (concrete)
We will be using concrete objects to answer division questions using bar and part whole models. 

Thursday: Divide by 3 (pictorial)
Activity (page 2)  /docs/Year-3-Autumn-Block-3-Step-3-VF-Divide-by-3.pdf

Friday: Problem solving and reasoning


Useful links: https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/daily10 




Every week we test TTRockstars and set children the next times table. In order to pass the table, children need to complete the whole sheet in 3 minutes with less than 3 errors. Please find the practise sheets below. They are in the order of completion:

x10 Table    x5Table     x2Table    x2/5/10Table    x3Table    x4Table     x8Table     x3/4/8Table

x6Table       x7Table        x9Table     x11Table   x12Table    Masters



Powerpoint - phonics lesson,    Phonics word mat,    Worksheet to complete     


Science - LIGHT

This term we are investigating 'light' in a range of practical scientific investigations in the classroom. Here is an outline of the investigations below that you could try parts of at home.


1. what is light?

 Poke holes in a cardboard box and see how many holes it takes for to be able to see objects.

2. Lights and reflectors

 Shine a torch on different materials and see which is the most reflective.


 3. Mirror mirror

 mirror writing.

Mirror maze- trace over patterned lines but only looking in the mirror (not at your pencil)!







Geography-  prepare for peru

This term we are investigating different types of biomes and climates around the world.

Activity  Resources    

Children discuss continents. Zoom into South America. Label blank map of South America using atlases. Label countries, capitals, rivers, mountain ranges, surrounding oceans.











 This term in RE our theme is 'Angels'. We will look at how images can portray meaning. How images might affect our own and other people's lives. How angels might be significant to Christmas.

Week Activity Resources

Look through the PowerPoint and use the questions to prompt you to think about what the artist wants us to think an angel is/ looks like. 

How do you think angels are presented to us?

After you have done this draw an image of an angel and surround it with words that you would use to describe the image the artists are trying to make you create. 








 Art Autumn 2 Outcomes