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 Year 2 Remote Education

 Welcome to our Year 2 online learning page. 




 Welcome Penguins and Puffins! 

This page will be updated if there is need for year group isolation or individual isolation in the year group. Please use this page to follow our remote learning provision. 

This page will be populated with online learning in the event of a Year 2 bubble closure or whole school closure. If you are self isolating individually, please contact us via our email above and we will send you plans and resources for your child to complete at home. Please visit our Year 2 page for all other curriculum over views and year group information. 

Autumn 2 Home Learning

This half term, we begin our new topic 'Out of this World'. Our core text for English this half term will be 'Beegu' by Alexis Deacon. In Maths, we will begin learning how to multiply and divide as well as learning about money.

Autumn 2
Week 1
WB 1ST November 2021


Lesson 1 - Space Vocabulary 
In this lesson, we are 'warming up the words' and generating vocabulary about space. Have a look at the images below. Can you generate a bank of words about what you can see or about what you already know about space? For example: astronaut, comet, blazing, gravity etc.
Lesson 2 - Descriptive Write
Look at the image below. Can you write a descriptive piece of writing based on what you can see?
Try and include adventurous vocabulary and use expanded noun phrases (adjective, adjective noun).
For example, 'Floating weightless in the deep, dark atmosphere is a colourful, glistening planet.'
Lesson 3 - Traffic Light Vocabulary
Have a look through the bank of words. Can you sort the words into the traffic light? Here's what each colour means. 
Red - Words that you already know and understand that you may have used in your writing before.
Amber - Words that you know and understand, but have not used in your writing before.
Green - Words that you don't know or understand and have not used in your writing before.
What new words have you learned? Can you use a new word in a sentence?
Lesson 4 - Questions to Beegu
Take a look at the Beegu animation.


 Who is this alien from outer space? How do you think he/she is feeling? Where do you think she is from?
Can you create a list of questions that you might ask to Beegu to find out more about him/her?

Lesson 5 - Speech Bubble from Beegu's Point of View
Have a look through the 'adventurous feelings words' word mat. Discuss any words that you've not heard before. These are words that we should use instead of words in the 'word jail'! For example, instead of using the word sad, we would use devastated, heartbroken, glum etc. 


Lesson 1 - Making Equal Groups
In today's lesson, we are focusing on making equal groups and discussing what equals means. 
Equals means the same as. 
Gather a range of objects and make the following:
4 equal groups of 5 
3 equal groups of 2
4 equal groups of 10
5 equal groups of 4
6 equal groups of 3
Lesson 2 - Match the image to the multiplication statement
Look at the array. Model counting each group. How many groups are there altogether? How many is in each group? Model the language of 'groups of'. For example: 3 X 2 (3 groups of 2).
Look at the images. Can you match them to the multiplication statement?
Lesson 3 - Representing a multiplication number sentence as an array
Introduce the multiplication sign (X) and that it also means times, multiply and groups of.
Practise reading the number sentences: 
5 X 2 is 5 groups of 2
3 X 4 is 3 groups of 4
Work through the Amazing Arrays PowerPoint. /docs/L3_PowerPoint.pptx
Look at the arrays with the number sentences. Can you make an array for the following number sentences using objects in your house? 4 X 3 =, 6 X 2 =, 7 X 3 =, 8 X 4 =, 3 X 5 =, 7 X 8 =
For example:
5 X 2 = 10
Lesson 4 - Record multiplication number sentence as array and repeated addition
 Can you record as an array AND repeated addition?
For example:
 Multiplication number sentence: 5 X 3 = 15
Repeated addition: 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 = 
Look through the range of multiplication number sentences.
3X5, 4X5, 6X3, 8X2, 9X3, 5X5, 10X2
Lesson 5 - Multiplication is Commutative 
Commutative means that no matter the order of the numbers in the number sentence, the answer will be the same. For example: 4 X 2 = 8 is the same as 2 X 4 = 8.
It can be shown as an array here:
Can you draw 2 arrays for the following number sentences?
5 X 6 = 
4 X 3 = 
7 X 4 =
10 X 4 =
2 X 3 =
5 X 2 =


This half term in History, we will be looking at the life of Neil Armstrong and his historical significance. 

This week we looked at images of Neil Armstrong and Laika the Space Dog. Without the children knowing what these images are of... can they make guesses? Can they ask questions about the pictures? 

 In class, we jotted down our questions on a mini whiteboard.

Next, take a look at this flipchart and find out about Neil Armstrong and Laika, the Space Dog. 

 Can you sort these facts into a facts about Laika and facts about Neil Armstrong? 





In dance, we will be creating a performance to 'Rocket Man' by Elton John. Can you listen to the track and create your own piece? Can you include movements to symbolise space, rockets, a story about landing on the moon? 

Autumn 2
Week 1
WB 8th November 2021




Lesson 1 - 2 X Tables

Today we are learning to solve 2 X tables questions. 

Lesson 2 - 5 X Tables

Today we are learning to solve 5 X tables questions.

Lesson 3 - 10 X Tables

Today we are learning to solve 10 X tables questions.

Lesson 4 - Multiplication Jigsaw

Today we are going to be filling in the gap of the multiplication jigsaw! The jigsaw includes the array, repeated addition and multiplication number sentence. Can you fill the gaps?

Lesson 4 Repeated Addition

Lesson 5 - Arithmetic and Reasoning Questions

Work though the arithmetic questions. Can you solve the multiplication number sentences using and X to mark the array. For example: 3 X 5 = 15


Arithmetic Questions

Work through the reasoning questions. These are word problems involving multiplication that you will need to try and solve. 

 Reasoning Questions

Online Learning Resources


Tablet Edition
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Swipe code: A capital 'L' shape starting at top left.
Home-School Account
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Account Password: home


See the source image

Oxford Owl has a large catalogue with various ranges and genres - the class logins are PuffinsEPS or PenguinsEPS and the password is Puffins2020 or Penguins2020.


Brooke Weston Trust - Thomas Clarkson Academy wins TT Rockstars ...

Times Table Rockstars is the multiplication and division software that we have been using. The children have their own log ins and we can adjust the times tables that the children have access to so please let us know.

Help shape the future of MyMaths Survey

MyMaths has a huge range of Maths activities and tasks. We have set the KS1 booster packs which the children can access over the summer if they would like to.


Phonics Play has a selection of games that support the children's phonics understanding including all alternative spellings. Username: march20, password: home