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Home learning

As part of our home-school partnership we will ask the children to undertake learning activities at home.  These tasks will consolidate and reinforce skills and understanding in any learning studied in school. They also encourage pupils as they get older to develop the confidence and self-discipline needed to study on their own, take pride in their work and prepare them for the requirements of secondary school.  Whilst we would like to encourage learning at home, we recognise activities outside school will help develop the whole child.

The type and amount of learning at home is always being reviewed by the class teacher and is a regular topic of conversation within school and with parents and carers.  Importance is given to Home Learning being motivational and relevant to the children's learning.  We are always pleased when parent and carers become involved in the learning with the children and hope that the tasks help to provide quality time for the family and encourage social interaction.

Sometimes the Home Learning is a short task for one week but on other occasions it may be a project that takes over several weeks with guidance from the teacher.  The tasks are differentiated to meet the needs of individuals and groups, having a clear focus and opportunities for pupils to succeed at all levels of ability.  Challenges are suggested to motivate more able pupils.

Suggestions for additional Home Learning include research connected to topics, further reading of quality children's fiction, learning multiplication facts, carrying out investigations in Science such as those set out in books that are freely available in children libraries, creative writing and keeping diaries.

The school cannot stress enough the importance of sharing reading with your child, playing quality games together or role play such as shopping to help their development and social skills.