Emsworth Primary School

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EPS = Enjoy, Persevere, Succeed

We are a truly inclusive school community where the needs of all learners are met within a caring and exciting environment.

We aim to;

  • Provide a warm, friendly and enjoyable experience
  • Provide a stimulating, challenging and ever changing curriculum
  • Encourage and support children to make excellent progress
  • Develop resilient, confident, lifelong learners

Environment - we will achieve this by;

  • Creating a rich environment with high quality resources and experiences
  • Having clear and consistently high expectations of behaviour for learning
  • Respecting the rights of every member of the school
  • Developing strong relationships with families and the wider community
  • Using the local environment as a rich and relevant resource

Learning - we will achieve this by;

  • Encouraging children to persevere when faced with new and challenging experiences
  • Involving families in the education of their children
  • Encouraging children to take an active role in the decisions made about their learning

Teaching - we will achieve this by;

  • Judging the quality of our teaching by the impact on pupil’s learning
  • Within a consistent framework for teaching and learning encouraging teachers to be creative and innovative to achieve the best possible outcomes
  • Adapting our teaching to meet the needs of each group of learners at Emsworth Primary School