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Year 2



We will be updating the year 2 page every half-term with all our exciting news and updates as well as regular curriculum information and our half-termly topics.

(Image of the new year 2 staff coming soon...)

Teachers: Miss Lottie Watson (Penguins) and Miss Hannah Sullivan (Puffins)

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Louise Robbins (Penguins) and Miss Jo Randall (Puffins)

1:1 Support Staff: Mrs Jan Brindley and Mrs Paula Hunt (Penguins) and Mrs Tracey Morrison and Mrs Coral Warwick (Puffins)


A huge congratulations to our elected Pupil Governors: Isabelle Kendall and Lenny Robinson from Penguins and Lenny Willie and Issy Gittins from Puffins - we know you will do a great job representing the year 2 cohort.



We've had a fantastic Spring term and Miss Watson and I have been thrilled with the work that the children produced based on George's Marvellous Medicine. We had an exciting morning of creating our own special medicine for the evil Grandma, we looked at units of measurement (grams, millilitres etc.) as well revolting adjectives to describe the crushed dried worms (gravy granules), dandruff (flour) and bogeys (aloe vera gel)!

We are now looking forward to starting our new topic: Titanic


We will be reading 'Samson's Titanic Journey' by Lauren Graham and Roisin Matthews as our main text this half term. We are looking forward to focusing on expanded noun phrases (adjective, adjective noun), punctuation and grammar and writing our own informative texts.

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We have continued to squeeze a variation of concepts in this term. The children have been busy securing their knowledge of time, shape, place value and statistics. The children have been persistent and resilient with learning plenty of new concepts as well as developing previous knowledge in addition and subtraction.


For the first half of the Summer term we will be learning 'All About Me', looking at life cycles, teeth health and hygiene and also our body parts and the correct terms. Miss Watson and I have sent out a letter to invite you to pop in and see us on Thursday 24th May at 3:30pm to discuss any of the terms that we will be discussing in the very basic covering of Relationship and Sex education.


The first half of Summer term can be quite a stressful time for the children as we will be undertaking SATs in the second week of May. We are trying to keep these as low-key as possible and the children have had plenty of practice.

We are keen not to panic or stress the children however if your child does seem concerned, please do pop in and chat to us and we can arrange measures to reduce the anxiety.

There will be no homework for Summer term 1.

Please make sure your child brings their reading book into school every day and that they are reading regularly at home. We are a team of budding literacy fans and will ensure that the children have plenty of opportunities to explore varied texts by the bucket load! They will have a chance to change their reading book every day but will be encouraged to revisit their book several times before they change it, in order to ensure that have grasped the story/purpose of the book, the rich language and also discuss what they loved and disliked about the text. The children will be given the opportunity to visit our school library on a Monday, during this time they will be able to select one free-reading book of their choice. We will be listening to the children read regularly in class and will listen to them on a one-to-one basis in order to determine when they are ready to move up to a new colour band.

Our PE days this year will be Wednesday and Friday however please ensure that your child has a full PE kit in school every day as there may be occasions when our PE slot may need to be changed at short notice. Girls will need to have long hair tied back and earrings must be removed or covered with tape for PE.


Miss Sullivan and Miss Watson.