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Early Years entry 2017

Welcome to families who have been offered places at Emsworth Primary for September 2017. You will shortly receive a letter with key dates and details of how we can get to know each other! The letter will contain the following information and more:

Information Evening

We would like to invite you to an information evening on Tuesday 16th May 2017 from 6.30pm to 7.30pm. This will give you the opportunity to meet key members of staff and we will provide you with practical information about school lunches, uniform, what to do if your child is sick and so on!

Pre-School Visits

To help us to make your child’s start to school as happy and enjoyable as possible, we like to meet your child in a familiar setting and obtain useful information from those who know them well. Over the next couple of weeks members of the Early Years teaching team will be visiting pre-schools to liaise with key workers.  We make these arrangements directly with them.

Songs and Rhymes sessions

These are fun and informal sessions where there are practical activities, stories and songs. Your child will also be able to choose their own book bag! You and your child are invited to attend up to three sessions on the following dates from 2.15pm – 3pm. You may attend all or some and any family member or friend may accompany your child if you are not available. Details of your sessions will be in the letter you will receive soon. 

Home Visits

Between Monday 4th September and Tuesday 12th September 2017 we will be visiting children at home. The aim of this is for you to share any personal transition information and for your child to feel they have a special relationship with the adults who visit. We have found this an invaluable part of settling children into school. The visit will be no longer than half an hour and arranged at a mutually convenient time. There will be more details to follow later.

September start dates and arrangements

Your child’s first day of school will be on Wednesday 13th September 2017. Their start time will be 8.45am. This first week will be mornings only, including lunch, and your child will need to be collected at 1pm.  Your child will then start full time from Monday 18th September 2017, 8.45am to 3.15pm.