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Year 5 & 6 Visit to the British Museum

On Tuesday the 1st November, Years 5 and 6 visited the British Museum as part of their work on Ancient Egypt and Greece respectively.

All 55 children and 16 adults boarded the train to Victoria in good spirits, with many of the children wantng to eat their mid morning snack by quarter to nine. After a quick tube journey and walk, everyone arrived and began examining the vast range of artefacts the museum has to offer.

Year 5 headed to the third floor which held mummies, sarcophagi, parts of tombs, shabti figures, furniture, musical instruments, games, toys and even make up pots! The children were really engaged with what was on display and Luke Emery and Mia Wyng asked some especially pertinent questions about how the Egyptians lived. After lunch, they headed to see the world fanous Rosetta Stone and many of the large scultpures housed in the musuem, including a giant head of Rameses II.

Year 6 looked at the Elgin Marbles, a wide range of pottery and jewellery and beautiful hand crafted gold and clay figures. Betty Collins enjoyed looking at the pottery and completing an activity sheet which matched pots to their names and descriptions. George Lewis said everyone liked the gold artefacts as well as examining the patterns on the various pots. He said that he and Mrs. Newton liked the clay ox!

A (mostly!) quick visit to the gift shop followed, before heading home. Despite a slight delay on the train, everyone arrived back in Emsworth after an enjoyable and informative day. A huge thank you to the adult volunteers who gave up their time to accompany the children to the museum. Images from the day can be found in the galleries linked below

Year 5

Year 6